Manomama was founded as an eco-social textile company - unique in this form in Germany. With people who have little or no opportunities in the traditional labor market and are difficult to place, such as the long-term unemployed, migrants, the elderly, single parents or people with disabilities. People with individual talents, who can work and want to work, to whom only nobody else gives a chance. Manomama only produces textiles that do not contain harmful chemicals. Because they see sustainability in production as a logical consequence of social commitment. Manomama employs around 150 people in permanent jobs and with hourly wages well above the minimum wage. Fabric bags and fashion, their own collections and accessories, 100% organic and recommended by bioland - made in Germany - are produced in Augsburg. Fair production at competitive prices is also possible in Germany. All raw materials for the textiles come from the region, a radius of about 300 km around Augsburg. Only the organic cotton does not, because it simply does not grow here. Therefore, these are sourced from Tanzania and Turkey, where they are fairly grown and ecologically certified.