Emi Gorbi Rinse


Product number: K200701402-29-32
Emi: Mid Rise, Slim Fit. Slim at the thigh, straight cut from the knee down. Made with comfort stretch. The jeans have a vegan patch and recycled buttons and rivets. This garment was made from recycled cotton from scrap cotton. This reduces the amount of water and CO2 emitted when growing new cotton. This garment is also made from organic cotton, a natural fiber that has not been chemically treated, making it safer for the planet, the farmer and the wearer. This is a low environmental impact jean according to the EIM score, which looks at the use of water, energy and chemicals, as well as the well-being of workers in the garment manufacturing industry. Fit: High rise super slim Stitching Location: Star Confection, Tunisia Laundry Location: ITW, Tunisia Finishing Location: Lamak, Tunisia 99% Organic Cotton
Colour: Blue
Fit: Mid Waist, Straight
Origin: Tunesia
Material: Cotton (recycled), Organic Cotton