Nelly Violet Ice


Product number: MM10480.2-M
Fashionable TankTop from eco2fashion collection by manomama The "eco2fashion" collection from manomama is made from fabric that is produced and dyed under fair working conditions in the Swabian Alb. However, not for manomama, but it is leftovers from large clothing manufacturers. These would otherwise be thrown away. Instead, they are now bought by manomama, and suitable cuts are developed for them. This is doubly good for the environment: no new fabric has to be made and otherwise wasted resources are treated with respect and given a new lease of life. Why are remnants left over? Because garment makers often make different colors in advance and react after the wholesalers order them. If the wholesalers order less of one color, the remaining fabric is thrown away. For this article, the fabric (100% cotton) comes directly from the Swabian Alb, knitted and dyed in Germany. The tops from a wide variety of colors are comfortable to wear, figure-hugging cut and round knitted (therefore no side seam!).
Colour: Pink
Origin: Germany
Material: Cotton