Our concept is sustainability. Holistic, that means, in production, in store and after the purchase. The products are produced transparently, as close as possible and of high quality. Everyone involved is paid fairly and well. After all, it can't be about consuming more and more, faster and faster. Too much time and love goes into the products for them to be thrown away after a very short time. At made here, it's all about sustainability in the aesthetics and the product. With us, you know what you're buying and where it comes from. You don't get ripped off with threshold prices or other psycho tricks. You pay what the product is worth.  There will be no utopian reduced superspecial sale, where the same thing suddenly costs only half. You always get the best price, even if it may not be cheap.

If there are no customer in the store, you will still see us at work, because part of the collection is made in the manufactory on site. We understand our craft and our products from the bottom up and don't sell just anything. We also live up to our responsibility when it comes to after-sales. Whether it's upcycling, repairing or alterations.

We stand up for the products that are available with us. Before, during and after the purchase.

The founder

My own store - that has been my dream for a long time. But how do I reconcile all my ideas, my own creative drive and idealism?
It took quite a long time to find the right way. It started with a classical apprenticeship as a tailor at Atelier Z├╝gn, which I finished as a journeywoman in 2007.
After that I worked in New Zealand for a few years. As a bridal seamstress for Anna Schimmel, in the Costume Studio, on the set of the season Power Rangers R.P.M and finally for sportswear with the license of LesMills.
At that point I realized that custom tailoring is the most beautiful profession in the world, but just sewing all day is not enough of a challenge for me. So I studied the BSc Textile and Clothing Management and the MSc Textile Trade and Technology with specialization "Retail" at the Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences in M├Ânchengladbach. The contact with my fellow students, who were mainly from East Asian countries such as Bangladesh, China and Pakistan, made a lasting impression on me.
The following years swallowed me up in IT. Too far away from my passion and real products that you can hold in your hand. So in early 2020, I started to develop my own business model and work it out in cooperation with the Paderborn Chamber of Commerce. Until I finally got to the point that I dared to pitch my idea to the jury of the Startercenter and was honored with a founder grant to start made here.